pickleDB, a key/value store for python


PickleDB logo

PickleDB is a simple store of kind key/value that was written by Harrison Erd. I made simple test to storing:

  • Number,
  • Text,
  • Dictionaries
and  it works fine for a not huge quantity of keys, may be, less or around 1.000.000, depending you machine configuration (In my test, I used a Intel Core i7 2600CPU@3.40 gHZ, 4 GB Ram computer with Python over Windows 7 Professinoal).
  • Very easy to use. I got it working in few minutes
  • Easy integrate with your python code
  • Has a limited capacity to work with large dataset, due that works with it in memory and then dump it to a file.

If you need work with more data, I recommend to play with other, like as Riak, Couchbase, Redis or OrientDB. For a large list of nosql database, go to nosql-database.org

Example of usage (Python console):

In [19]: import pickledb
In [20]: db=pickledb.load('data.db',False)
In [25]: db.set('key1',1)
Out[25]: True
In [26]: db.get('key1')
Out[26]: 1

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