About me

Alvaro Brange, Pelluco Beach, Puerto Montt, Chile

Alvaro Brange, Pelluco Beach. A very old photo


I hold a degree on computer science from Universidad Austral de Chile. Currently I am living and working in Chile’s capital called Santiago.

Areas that I like to work include Recommendation System, Graphs and Machine Learning. In my spare time, I go away of the city to enjoy the nature.


If you want to contact with me, you can:


4 responses to “About me

  • 77

    Linda foto alvarosito….besos

  • Javier

    Have an HP 1018 running in mac snow and ubuntu 10.10. Used to work perfect but a big job just ruined it. The printer works in windows still, but cannot get it to work with foomatic under CUPS. Any ideas will help a lot. Thanks !!

  • Raj


    I saw your details online. We are looking to do some Django development in Chile. Would it be possible to let me have an idea of the type and scale of projects you have worked on and if you would be available for a new project?

    Thanks and best regards,


    • abrange

      I’ve worked with facebook application, doing backend with Django, Apache, lighttpd and PostgreSQL using linux as OS.


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