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First version of WeTwoo now “On Air”

WeTwoo on air

WeTwoo on Air

With several months delayed, we are launched a first beta version of WeTwoo.com (We-Two-o) which for the moment has few features available which are day to day improving …  May be you are asking, What hell is wetwoo?. WeTwoo is a facebook application which attempt to be a place to know information about  you friends that have some type of relationship. The current functionality are:

  • Know the status of relationship of all your friends. For this, you can see a pie-chat which show the distribution of relationship of your friends.
  • Show a List, in one place, the friends that have some type of relationship that is showed on facebook.
  • Make comments about the relation of your friends. Click on the name of you friend on the “Friends in Couple” page and the comment will appear on the wall of your friend.
  • Make comments about the application and these will be show on the wall of your friends.
  • Invite to friend to join wetwoo. In this way, the list of friends listed on “Friends in couple” will grow because only is show the couple that are accepted the application.
  • Available on English and Spanish (Español)

Other features that we hope add:

  • Save and help to remember the anniversary of couple to friends.
  • Save the comments that are done for some couples.
  • Suggest possibles couples as “Couple-friends”.

The application is developed using Ubuntu, Python, Django, Apache, Lighttpd, and PostgreSQL with the help of some libraries as MatPlotLib for graphs and PyFacebook which allow access to Facebook API.
I hope write more on the next months about technical issues to share this process with you.

Before end, I would like to invite to join to the site and make any comments or suggestion about it and help to spread with your contacts.

Best regards,