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Installing HP LaserJet 1018 in Ubuntu Linux 8.04 and 8.10 with HPLIP 2.8.5

After a couple of unsuccessful attempts :(, I have Installed my laser printer in Ubuntu 8.04. And here I’ll show you the steps carried out to accomplish with this.

UPDATE TO THIS POST: I’ve Installed my printer in Ubuntu 8.10 but, for this release I made some changes that are commented ahead.

Download to HPLIP applications from HP Linux Imaging and printing web site, clicking in “Download the Automatic Installer”
After, execute installer running in console (into folder that you have the file)

sh hplip-2.8.5.run

Follow the instructions…

I selected automatic installation mode.

I confirmed my Linux distributions. Note: For Ubuntu 8.10 I selected “n” in order to indicate that version is not correct (despite it said the correct version). For details see next image

Select Distribution

Select Distribution

I entered my root password and so on….

To finish, the application will launch a Windows form..


  1. Select “USB..”
  2. Select you printer in the list show in “Select from Discovered Devices”
  3. Select recommended option in “Select/Confirm PPD File”
  4. and add details in “Enter Printer Information” such as pictured below. If see disable “Next” button, you should delete all field in form and add information again. I spent lot of time thinking what is the wrong field because, until you edit the field this will not show in red.